About us

You can easily entrust the translation of a simple sentence like “Où est la gare?” to a computer. The translation or revision of a complicated contract, however, you should outsource to a legal specialist, since any misplaced comma can lead to unpleasant consequences…

Vos Legal is this specialist: We prepare contracts and provide translations and related services for governments, law firms, NGO’s, businesses and individuals.

Vos Legal has extensive experience with a wide range of projects encompassing civil law, corporate law and intellectual property law; translations from and into French, Dutch, English and German; and the legal, technical, economic and literary fields.

Vos Legal has an international network of lawyers and certified translators, allowing us to also provide services in other languages, including Chinese and Russian.

At Vos Legal you are assured of a direct and personal approach, which not only reduces considerably your expenses, but also enables us to provide you with the most accurate completion of your project. Vos Legal works for you!

We are looking forward to hearing from you. A first meeting is always free of charge and without obligation.